Monadnock Menus is a program of the Cheshire County Conservation District. We aggregate and deliver local agricultural products to schools, businesses, and other institutions, in the Monadnock Region. We work with a network of local producers who’s products can be ordered wholesale in an online marketplace and are distributed weekly for kitchen production. We are currently in our second year of operation, and growing.

The project was originally started by a group of Monadnock Farm and Community Connection volunteers who wanted to see more local food available in area restaurants. They discovered one of the main challenges for farmers, restaurant owners and school Food Service Directors alike is the ordering, aggregation and distribution of product on a local scale. Therefore, Monadnock Menus evolved into a pilot farm to institution ordering, aggregation and delivery service run by the Cheshire County Conservation District.

Since it isn’t cost-effective for farmers to deliver small amounts of product, and coordinating orders from many sources is too complicated and time consuming for buyers, Monadnock Menus is an important piece of infrastructure in helping to make buying local easy.

Lionel Chute helped take the project to the next level, along  with Amanda Costello, the Conservation District Manager, Sharlene Beaudry, Conservation District, Carl Majewski from the UNH Extension and Hans Estrin of the Windham County Farm to School Network.

MFCC volunteers played a large part of supporting this project, as Erika Stimpson and Katie Murphy  profiled many of the farms selling through Monadnock Menus in summer 2012.

If you would like to learn more or get involved, please contact us.

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