Let’s get local on the menu! It’s worth it..

BENEFIT TO FARMERS: Consistently buying through Monandock Menus will create solid, reliable markets for farmers to supply. Removing the risk of direct sale and creating a reliable demand that allows farmers to plan their crops for the season not only reduces the cost to the buyer because the farmers aren’t losing unsold crops when demand doesn’t match their supply, but it also allows the farmers to spend more time farming rather than marketing, delivering and selling their goods. Therefore, farmers have more of a piece of mind in this extremely risky and often financially lean business, affording them a better quality of life and often allowing them to expand more easily to meet the growing demand within our community.

BENEFIT TO BUYERS: Keeping the money we spend on food circulating within our community will come back to your business many times, whether it be through taxes for state-funded institutions, increased patronage from increasingly financially stable community members or simple loyalty from customers over other establishments that do not support our community this way. Not to mention the food you are buying is often far higher quality than that shipped 3000 miles so it has a higher nutrient content, keeps longer and tastes better! Forming a relationship with the farmers who supply you through Monandnock Menus will also open opportunities to request specific products or varieties, or to be notified when there is a bumper crop or inexpensive “seconds” for processing. One hand washes the other.

Monadnock Regional School District (SAU 93)

Westmoreland School District

Hannah Grimes Marketplace

Cheshire County Department of Corrections