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Let’s get local on the menu! It’s worth it…

If you are either a farmer or buyer wanting to use Monadnock Menus, please contact Sara Lovitz coordinator @ or 802 289 9440 or call the Conservation District at (603) 756 2988 x 116

If you are already a member and need to log on to the online ordering system:

If you would like to help us profile farms and schools, hospitals, other institutions and restaurants who are using this service, and help us spread the word,  please contact coordinator @

People living in the Monadnock Region were asked about their dining habits and more specifically, what they think about local food in 2011-12.  This is what we found…

  • 99% reported that it was important to them to support local businesses and agriculture. (you!)
  • 93% indicated that knowing which restaurants supported and served local food would impact their dining decisions. (good news for you!)
  • 89% indicated that they would be willing to pay more if they knew the ingredients were local. (Hooray!)

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