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10 members and growing!!

Since the beginning of our spring membership drive at the beginning April, 10 restaurants have signed onto the Monadnock Menus project, showing their dedication and support for locally produced food.  Please visit our new ‘Members’ page to see who is ‘Getting Local on the Menu’ and look for the Monadnock Menus decal while you’re out in the region looking for a bite to eat that’s a little bit fresher and from closer to home.

Is your favorite restaurant not on our list of members?  Ask them if they know about our program!  Give them a local request card to let them know you’d like to see more local food on the menu and thank them for making a commitment to supporting more local farms, value-added producers and businesses.

Hope you all are enjoying the first greens of the season!

News from Tracie’s Community Farm

Tracie’s Community Farm, located in Fitzwilliam, NH is expanding their business in the Monadnock Region.  In her last newsletter, she highlighted the locations where she’s currently selling produce.  Interested in learning more?  Visit her website for up to date information about what is in season, how you can join her CSA and much more.


“We’ve been making calls to local restaurants, and have been providing vegetables in abundance to The Fitzwilliam Inn, Sunflowers Café in Jaffrey, East Hill Farm in Troy, Fritz’s, and Elm City Brew Pub.

So next time you go out to eat, be sure to order something with veggies from your local farmers!  And if the restaurant doesn’t buy local, ask them to.  It makes a difference.  We have cards in the farmstore you can leave at restaurants from Monadnock Menus, an initiative to get more local food into Monadnock Restaurants by Mondadnock Farm and Community Connection.  It’s more work for restaurants to order from a farmer as well as their regular supplier in their already busy schedules so they need to know you care.”