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Eat and Serve Local This Holiday Season!

By Jessica Skinner

Do you know of a restaurant in the Monadnock Region that is dedicated to serving local food and supporting farmers in our community?  Reply to this post and let us know who we could all connect with!

Are you a consumer interested in eating out at least once over the holidays? Consider browsing through our website as well as some other publications to find a restaurant near you that is serving local food.  In addition to our website, check out the publication Our Local Table Monadnock found in hard copy around the region as well as online.  This is a great snapshot of stories from local producers, locations of farmer’s markets and farm stands, and information about CSA’s, or community supported agriculture.  Browse The Boneless Rib for restaurant reviews, visit the Monadnock Localvore facebook page for stories, or explore the Farm Map of the Monadnock Region found in the Resources section of our website.

Are you a restaurant looking to source more local produce?  Contact us and let us know what you’re looking for and we can help you make a direct connection.  The Farm Map also gives you information about what farms in our region are producing.  Consider submitting your information to a group called Vital Communities located in the Upper Valley of NH.  They put together a Valley Food and Farm Guide, which is made available to consumers all over the state!  This is not only a great way to promote the wonderful things you already do, but is a way to make connections with farmers, distributors and additional consumers.

We look forward to eating locally with you this season!  Visit our website regularly to read more stories about Local Food Heros and how you can support your local food economy!  Together, we can build the sustainable food system we envision for our future.

-The Monadnock Menus team